Paramount Theater, Asbury Park NJ

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Welcome to Monmouth Paranormal.

We are a small group of individuals who all share a love for the paranormal. We come from different walks of life and enjoy different activities apart but the one thing we all share is our desire to investigate the paranormal. Together we bring ideas and personal experiences to the group so we can further our knowledge in the paranormal.

Our goal is to help individuals with any unexplained activity they are having or feeling in their home or business. It is our goal to bring a better understanding of the Paranormal.


The mission of Monmouth Paranormal Research is to help the public garner a better understanding of the paranormal field, help examine collected data on a case by case basis and to offer solutions or explanations of paranormal activity that they may be experiencing.

Shanley Hotel, NY

Looking from the left to right, do you see a figure in the hallway?.

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